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Physiotherapy in Gynecology

We promptly provide high-quality services.

A doctor prescribes physiotherapy after considering your diagnosis and overall health.

Physiotherapy may make treatment more effective. Particularly, it concerns the diseases, which cannot be effectively treated by traditional methods:

  • adhesions;
  • pelvic pain syndrome;
  • chronic inflammation of uterine appendages;
  • preparation for pregnancy of IVF;
  • uterine hypoplasia and hypogenitalism;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • post-operative conditions;
  • muscle spasms;
  • stimulation of local blood circulation;
  • muscle training;
  • sexual dysfunctions;
  • problems with orgasm (anorgasmia);
  • urinary incontinence;
  • fecal incontinences;
  • constipations;
  • pelvic ganglioneuritis.

Neo Control - is a unique system for extracorporeal magnetic innervation of pelvic floor muscles and pelvic organs. It utilizes ExMI™ technology.

ExMI™ is based on the interaction between a magnetic field and induction of the electrical activity. It provides depolarization of nerves and stimulates pelvic floor muscles.

Doctors prescribe physiotherapeutic procedures to the patients with chronic inflammation of uterine appendages and pelvic adhesions. Physiotherapy does not eradicate pelvic adhesions completely, but softens them, eliminates pain, constipations and dysfunctions of pelvic organs.

ginekologija3First, a patient sits in NeoControl armchair. An alternating magnetic field generator is built in the bottom of the armchair. There is the external power and control unit. It supplies power and produces electromagnetic pulses (275 ms). The doctor adjusts pulse amplitude. The site and intensity of magnetic field depends on pulse amplitude. Pulse rate is rather high. It produces magnetic field gradient, which concentrates and goes up through the bottom of the armchair. When a woman is sitting in the armchair, the perineum is in the middle of the armchair. The pelvic floor muscles and constrictor muscles are on the main axis of the pulse magnetic field. Thus, the magnetic field can penetrate the tissues of the perineum. A patient experiences no electrical influence during the procedure. Therapeutic effect is produced by the magnetic flow. The magnetic field can penetrate through cloths, thus a patient does not need to take cloths off. NeoControl armchair is a high-capacity unit. It does not require cooling.

ExMI™ technology has more advantages in comparison with electrical stimulation, because no plasters, probes, contacts and gels are utilized.


  • cost-effectiveness;
  • high-capacity;
  • no rigid hygienic requirements to the premises;
  • non-stressful for patients;
  • painless procedure;
  • few counterindications;
  • no sanitation of the unit is required;
  • inpatient and outpatient usage;
  • individual and standard (embedded) treatment programs.