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We offer our patients a wide range of urology services: diagnosis, testing, consultations and treatment. We apply new techniques and advanced equipment.

The specialists of the center detect acute and chronic diseases of the genitourinary system. First, we offer you to undergo particular laboratory tests, ultrasound examination and any other tests necessary to diagnose a disease. We use the state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and may perform rectal, vaginal and Doppler ultrasound examinations.

We apply a comprehensive approach to detect a chronic prostatitis or a genitourinary infection, i.e. we collect and evaluate several urethral swabs, prostate secretion, ejaculate and blood. It is a proprietary technology. It is used only in 2 or 3 laboratories in our country. You may also order a rapid prostate secretion test. Test results will be available in 5-10 minutes.

Various bacterial swab tests are carried out to diagnose a chronic cystitis. A rapid urine test helps to detect an acute disease. Test results will be ready within 5 minutes.

A higher qualification Urologist, PhD in Medical Sciences, will examine a patient and offer a best treatment option for you. An experienced specialist will prepare an individual treatment plan. A combination of medications and procedures will provide successful results. You will not need to stay home and take huge amount of expensive medications. You will visit your doctor 2 or 3 times a week. The doctor will monitor your state of health and adjust a treatment plan if necessary. Besides, some procedures need special training to be performed. A treatment plan usually includes administration of medications into the site of inflammation, urethra and urinary bladder. Physiotherapeutic procedures also may make treatment more effective. To achieve satisfactory results as soon as possible, it is better that both partners undergo treatment simultaneously. We provide such an option in our center.

We successfully treat erectile dysfunction in men and women using a combination of medications and physiotherapy. Our medical specialists also carry out infertility tests and conventional treatment of infertility.

Visit us, and a higher qualification category Urologist, PhD in Medical Sciences, will consults you on any urological pathology.

We will help you to solve any urological problems.